Timberline's Llama Pack System

Tahola wearing a TL Pack System

Timberline's pack system has proven itself over many miles and years on the trail in the Colorado and Wyoming Rockies. The sawbuck-type pack frame and panniers are designed to provide a safe, comfortable pack for the llama and a strong, functional system for the user.

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Pack Saddle

The pack frame is made of stained hardwood with black-powdercoated, rust-proof metal parts. The pack boards pivot at their connection to the cross bracing, allowing the angle of the boards conform to the slope of the llama's back. The pack boards are padded with firm, sculptured and tapered foam, allowing movement of the llama's shoulder muscles under the bars. Adjustable cinches made of fleece-covered 2" nylon webbing are bolted to the frame and fasten with Fastex buckles. Breast strap and britching attach to the panniers to stabilize forward and back movement of the load. The pack saddle is made and meant to be used with a standard felt saddle pad.

ps1.gif - 4.2 KPanniers

Timberline's panniers are constructed from heavy-weight, coated Cordura nylon fabric, reinforced in wear areas with even stronger Cordura Ballistic fabric. The main compartment is made from a single, wrap-around piece of fabric, forming the top flap, back, bottom and front, so there are no structural seams except at the end gussets. An internal aluminum stay across the top distributes the weight, while an inner pad protects the llama from pannier contents. The compartment closes with adjustable flaps and wrap-around straps that both support and compress the load. At each end, the pannier has a large exterior pocket with a heavy-duty, full-length zipper. Panniers are suspended from the saddle frame by adjustable straps. There are two additional straps on each pannier for strapping longer or rigid gear (such as tent poles or rolled-up foam pads) on top, and these can also be fastened together to form a shoulder strap. Timberline's panniers may be used with other frame-type pack saddles.
Pannier dimensions: 22"x14"x8". Color: Forest Green with black reinforcement (custom colors may be available at additional cost).

Complete pack system weight: 13 lbs. 12 oz. / Panniers only: 7 lbs. 4 oz. / Saddle only: 6 lbs. 8 oz.

Order through: Rocky Mountain Llamas
7202 North 45th Street
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