Packing in the Rockies

We no longer offer guided pack trips or llama leasing, but are happy to address questions you may have about llama packing or the areas in which we have worked. This page is maintained for informational purposes only. Thank you!

Several of our favorite trips are represented below with a brief description and a photograph. We encourage minimum impact camping and hope that you will remember your trips to these alpine areas longer than they will remember you! Browse the trip descriptions below, or use the map and the table to jump to a trip with a destination, length, or range of difficulty that interests you.

National Forest index maps: Colorado | Wyoming

 Trip Vicinity # Days Miles per Day  Total Miles  Difficulty
 1 Eisenhower Tunnel




 2 Winfield to Lake Ann or Harrison Flat




easy to moderate
 3 Vicksburg to Missouri Basin (Collegiate Peaks Wilderness)




 4 Kenosha Pass - Lost Creek Trails




easy to moderate
 5 Shingle Lake (Flattops Wilderness)




 6 Continental Divide, La Garita Wilderness




moderate to strenuous
 7 Continental Divide, San Juan Mountains

4 or 7


30 or 56

moderate to strenuous
 8 Wind River Range, Wyoming





Eisenhower Tunnel Vicinity

The trip begins on the east side of the Eisenhower Tunnel along a ski area access road. After climbing 1500 vertical feet to the Continental Divide, turn east and traverse a series of cirques above timberline, generally around 12,000 ft above sea level. At Herman Lake, you can choose to walk down Herman Gulch to conclude a two day trip, or continue along the Divide and finish your trek at either Butler Gulch or Berthoud Falls campground (each a three day trip). In every case, you will be surrounded by rugged peaks and spectacular views.

More information: Arapaho National Forest

Winfield to Lake Ann or Harrison Flat

The trip begins at Winfield and proceeds south along a jeep road in the San Isabel National Forest. Following the South Fork of Clear Creek, you soon are surrounded by towering peaks over 13,000 feet tall - Huron Peak tops out at 14,003! The trail continues through heavy timber and passes by a series of falls before reaching either Lake Ann or Harrison Flat five miles in. Both sites are above timberline and are excellent base camps from which to day hike on a layover day.

More information: Pike-San Isabel National Forest & Colorado Fourteeners Initiative

Vicksburg to Missouri Basin / Collegiate Peaks Wilderness

From the town of Vicksburg, nestled at the base of the Collegiate Peaks, the trail climbs steadily through pine, aspen, and tundra to Elkhead Pass at 13,200 feet above sea level. The view is fantastic as you descend into Missouri Basin and traverse to the site of base camp about a mile away. You may choose to hike back the next day or spend a day climbing one of the three nearby fourteeners. Please be aware of your condition and ability if you opt to scale one of these majestic peaks.

More information: Pike-San Isabel National Forest & Colorado Fourteeners Initiative

Kenosha Pass - Lost Creek Trails

This trip leads you through meadows, aspen, pine, and across clear streams - a trek especially beautiful during "aspen time" at the end of September. The trail winds through the Pike National Forest generally between 9000 and 11,000 feet above sea level. Many alternative routes, and trip scenarios, are possible.

More information: Pike-San Isabel National Forest

Shingle Lake - Flattops Wilderness

From the Sweetwater Lake trailhead, the trail climbs into the White River National Forest, passing through aspen groves and meadows to the first campsite. The second day, you will reach the top of the Flattops and can walk across rolling terrain to Shingle Lake for a second night's camp. On the third day, the loop is completed - downhill all the way through aspen high above surrounding valleys.

More information: White River National Forest

La Garita Wilderness - Continental Divide

The trek begins in the lush valley of Cochetopa Creek in the Gunnison National Forest and follows the Continental Divide Trail to timberline. On the way, you may wish to climb San Luis Peak, one of Colorado's 14,000-foot peaks. From there, the trail traverses rolling tundra along the Continental Divide and offers panoramic views - you may even spot a herd of elk or bighorn sheep!

More information: Gunnison National Forest & Rio Grande National Forest

San Juan Mountains - Continental Divide

This week-long trek through Colorado's most breathtaking mountains begins at Spring Creek Pass and heads west along the Continental Divide. Rolling tundra gives way to views of jagged peaks; walk through the nineteenth century mining districts of Carson and Beartown and over mountains and passes well over 12,000 feet above sea level. At Cataract Lake, you may turn south to make the trip just 4 1/2 days, or continue around the great bend of the Divide to the Lost Trail campground. Long-distance and high-altitude experience is recommended.

More information: Rio Grande National Forest

Wind River Range, Wyoming

The Wind Rivers are so striking that it would be fairly impossible to spend less than a week there... So we suggest a week-long trek through lush meadows and craggy, glaciated peaks that allows you to sample some of the wild lands of Wyoming. Plan a layover day as an opportunity for dayhiking, photography, and fishing. You'll cross several large rivers en route to the Cirque of the Towers, an amphitheater of granite with a quiet, sparkling lake in its center. The hike out provides one last look at this magnificent site before dropping down into the Popo Agie river drainage.

More information: Shoshone National Forest


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